Fournos Theophilos - Theophilos Museum Lesbos

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Theophilos Museum Lesbos

Theophilos (1870-1934) was a prominent painter, immortalizing historical figures and events as well as snapshots of traditional Greek folk life in his iconic artwork.

Nobel laureate authors Seferis and Elytis consider him a pure artist who captured the real face of Greece and showed us the world through new eyes. They spoke of his “sensitivity towards small natural paradises”.

Pioneer of modern architecture and art Le Corbusier characterized Theophilos “an indigenous painter of the Greek landscape and the Greek ethos,” and explained how “Theophilos shows us rosy soil, pine and olive trees, the sea and the mountains of the Gods, people bathing in a serenity that offers itself to the sudden exaltations of the soul.”

In the outskirts of Mytilene on the island of Lesbos, Varia is where acclaimed painter Theophilos was born and spent his childhood. That same place is now home to the Theophilos Museum, which opened its doors in 1964 thanks to Tériade (Stratis Eleftheriades), an illustrious Greek art book publisher who lived in Paris. Tériade donated the museum to the Municipality of Mytilene along with 86 of Theophilos’ paintings from his own private collection. The art on display is inspired by everything from folk art to history and mythology, with a focus on daily life, landscapes and traditional costumes.