Fournos Theophilos - Dionisis Liakopoulos
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Dionisis Liakopoulos had cooking embedded in his DNA while growing up in Athens, Greece. Not only was his father a chef, but cooking was a daily ritual in his household, where his mother, aunts, cousins, and grandmothers would gather around the kitchen to prepare a meal for the family. His observations soon gave way to simple attempts of executing his family’s recipes which then blossomed into further experimentation and creativity - though he never lost sight of the traditions that were passed on to him. In the years to come, Dionisis followed his passion into the professional kitchen of Kuzina in downtown Athens, a Michelin-recommended restaurant led by chef Aris Tsanakidis, who mentored him in developing a distinct culinary identity. Later, Dionisis traveled to Cyprus where he delved into the spices of the Asia Minor, then headed West to Italy, where he participated at the Grana Padano seminars, and finally to Portugal, where he learned about the complex and flavorful cuisines of Europe. In 2013, Dionisis came to New York, where he cooked at restaurants like Estella and Greca - today, he helms the kitchen at Fournos Theophilos with co-Executive Chef, Yannis Tsiakos.